Over the years she has traveled to 1500 cemeteries to photograph their conditions. Volunteering to Graveyardscom, local genealogists sites, cemeteries board members/owners and families.

As a cemetery preservationist, she promotes and teaches the learning that she has been taught through the Illinois Historical Preservation Agency out of Springfield, Illinois. It is a method of preserving the cemeteries to it's closest most natural condition. Angie teaches preservation with her restoration team The Good Samaritans Restoration she founded in 2013. Here in Illinois you need a permit to do preservation work in an unregistered cemetery. The IHPA is in charge of granting permits. You need to be trained in order to apply for the permits.

Every first full weekend of June she host a state wide cemetery crawl somewhere in the state. They travel photographing historical places and cemeteries for 2 days. 2013...Southern Illinois, 2014...Central Illinois, and 2015...West Southern Illinois. You travel with some of the most well known cemetery experts in the state.

Angie is in the process of writing a book about burials and cemeteries in Illinois. You can read some of the stories on her facebook page call "Beneath our Illinois Roots"

In 2012, she started and became the chairperson for the Illinois Chapter for the Association for Gravestone Studies. They travel twice a year to hold meetings through out Illinois. You can join them on facebook at Illinois Chapter of the Association for Gravestone Studies.
It is great foundation that teaches the knowledge of anything cemetery related.

She has been in many newspaper, radio, tv, and online interviews. She has her own column " Central Illinois Cemeteries Revised" in the Southern Piatt Record Herald where she talks to you about burials from everywhere. Angie has donated a lot of time to spreading the importance of preserving our cemeteries.

If you would like to contact her please write or email to:
Angie Johnson
P.O. Box 22
Bement, Illinois


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